Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Koleksi Foto Dunia Binatang Karya Fotografer Thomas Haider


The drop by Andrew Parkinson Animals in their Environment - Highly Commended: With his legs dangling over the edge, Andrew Parkinson tried to avoid any foreground showing in the picture by leaning right into the gale-force westerly

The hidden plague by Joel Sartore One Earth Award - Highly Commended: This is a crime scene in a remote corner of California, high in the Sixty Lakes basin area of the Sierra Nevada: mountain yellow-legged frog corpses lie belly-up

The Thoughtful Baboon by Adrian Bailey of South Africa

Celestial Cathedral by Kent Miklendra from Australia
Fishing Frenzy by Tomasz Racznyski of Poland

Catch of the Day by Jordan Calame from the USA
Little Owls on Top by Ilia Shalamaev of Israel
Tears of Blood by Brian Skerry from the USA
Pelican Pack by Jari Peltomki from Finland
Desecration in Paradise by Thomas Haider from Austria

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